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Your Spring Break Should Include a Dental Checkup

If you plan on staying home for Spring Break, why not schedule your routine cleaning?

With that being said, we would like to offer up some Spring Break dental care tips that you should consider if you’re home or on vacation:

  1. Drink plenty of water. Drinking water throughout the day reduces the buildup of plaque on your teeth.
  2. Avoid sugary drinks. Soda erodes the enamel on your teeth.
  3. Pack essentials with you. Bring healthy snacks that act as a cleanser for your teeth. Carry a travel-size toothbrush and mouthwash for any vacation trips.

Whatever your plans are for Spring Break, remember to keep up with your dental care. Spring Break is a great time to relax, but that doesn’t mean you should be relaxed with your teeth.

It’s important for your kids to have a dentist that they’re comfortable with. On their very first visit, the dentist will take a full health history. Most dental visits are checkups. Here’s what your kids can expect:

  • A thorough cleaning. Checkups almost always include a cleaning from the hygienist or the dentist. Maybe there’s a fun flavor that they use just for kids? It doesn’t hurt to ask and let the kids pick them out!
  • A full examination. The dentist will check their teeth, gums, and mouth for any problems.
  • X-rays. Depending on their ages. the dentist might want to take X-rays. This is the best way to check and see if there are any problems deep down.

If the kids’ teeth and gums are in good shape, reward them! They won’t have to return for three to six months, depending on how good everything looked.

If you would like to schedule an appointment while on break, give us a call today!

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