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Welcome to Dr. Nick’s White & Healthy Dentistry!

Welcome to Dr. Nick’s White & Healthy Dentistry!

At Dr. Nick’s, we are committed to using the latest in dental technology for everything we do. This is not just limited to our dental procedures or equipment. Our office uses a variety of technologies to make your experience as smooth and efficient as possible. That is why we are excited to introduce SmileSnap, a Virtual Consultation software and app.

Through SmileSnap, Dr. Nick can consult patients about their emergency or any other dental concerns without an in-person visit to his office.

Here Is How It Works

  1. Go to Dr. Nick’s website at whiteandhealthy.com
  2. Sign up for a consult
  3. Take 5 pictures of your teeth to allow Dr. Nick to customize your treatment plan
    a. Use a smartphone
    b. Have a friend take your photo (selfies work, too)
    c. Use a flash (or good lighting)
    d. Capture your mouth only
  4. Confirm your account by entering a 6-digit confirmation code sent your phone
  5. Once everything is complete, you will receive a “Custom Treatment Plan.”

If you are a new patient, please visit the “Patients” tab on our website to complete the registration paperwork before your consultation.

Why Virtual Consultations Are Important

During COVID-19, safety is our number one priority. In times of an emergency, our patients can immediately connect with Dr. Nick remotely. This connection allows him to access the problem, suggest medicine, and save you time, money, and a trip to the office more accurately.
At Dr. Nick’s White & Healthy, we are thrilled to provide this remote solution for our patients.
We greatly appreciate that you have chosen us. We will do everything we can to continue to make your dental experiences great!

If you have any questions about setting up your virtual consultation please contact us at 813-445-7162.


100 Years of Experience

Our Staff has over 100 years of combined industry experience

Licensed Professionals

Licensed Board Certified Dentists & Dental Hygienists

Wide Range of Services

21+ varieties of General & Cosmetic dentistry services including teeth whitening

Personal Treatment

Personalized oral health treatment plans for every patient

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