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Patients may need a dental extraction when a tooth has sustained significant damage, either from dental decay or trauma. While our ultimate goal is to help you save all your teeth for a lifetime, there are circumstances where a damaged tooth cannot be restored. It is in these cases that your Tampa dentist recommends a tooth extraction.

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Why Your Tampa Dentist Might Recommend an Extraction

Gum (periodontal) disease and dental decay are the leading causes of tooth loss.

Periodontal disease is an infection in the gums caused by the bacteria in plaque and tartar (calcified plaque). When plaque isn’t removed daily, it will build up on and around the teeth and below the gum line. The bacteria irritate the gum tissue (gingiva), which eventually starts to recede. Over time, the bone beneath the gingiva will start to recede, too. With less bone supporting the teeth, the teeth become loose, and some may require an extraction.

Deep dental decay can cause tooth loss for two reasons. First, there is so much decay in the coronal portion of the tooth that we cannot safely restore it with a filling or crown. Second, the decay can travel to the pulp canal, irritating the nerve tissue and causing it to die. If a patient does not want to proceed with root canal therapy to save the natural tooth, the best course of action is an extraction.

How to Restore a Missing Tooth

It’s important to restore missing teeth to prevent damage to adjacent teeth and the jaw joint. Your Tampa dentist can recommend a few ways to restore your tooth.

A dental bridge: A bridge is a fixed appliance made up of three components: Two crowns and a pontic, or fake tooth. All three components are fused. The crowns fit over the teeth adjacent to the missing tooth, while the fake tooth fills the empty space.

A dental implant: An implant is a post or screw that is surgically placed into the jawbone. It acts like the root of a tooth. An abutment screws into the implant, and a dental crown fits over the abutment. An implant looks, feels, and functions just like a natural tooth. It’s easy to care for (just brush and floss like usual) and supports the bone, helping to prevent gum disease.

A partial denture: This is a removable appliance made of a resin or resin-and-metal base with a fake tooth (or teeth) attached. Sometimes, a removable partial has clasps that fit around adjacent teeth for added support.

Type of Tooth Extractions in Tampa

There are three types of extractions your Tampa dentist can perform. Which one you require depends on your unique needs.

Simple Extractions

During a simple extraction, your dentist will use forceps to grasp the tooth and gently rock it out of the socket. Healing time is typically faster for this type of tooth extraction.

Surgical Extraction

A tooth that is badly damaged may require a surgical extraction. Your Tampa dentist will need to make an incision in your gums to gain better access to the tooth and its roots. Using forceps and other instruments, the dentist will remove the tooth and place sutures to close the incision.

Wisdom Teeth Removal in Tampa

Not everyone needs their wisdom teeth out, but in some cases wisdom teeth can do more harm than good. Some people don’t have enough room in their mouths for the teeth to erupt fully. Others can’t reach back to clean their wisdom teeth thoroughly. These patients are at risk of developing:

  • Dental decay
  • Gum disease
  • Root resorption (of adjacent teeth)
  • Abscess/infection

Your Tampa dentist will likely recommend removing the wisdom teeth to prevent or treat these issues. All four can be extracted at once, and sedation is generally recommended to ensure patient comfort.

Does Getting an Extraction Hurt?

Your Tampa dentist will numb your teeth and gums before proceeding with treatment to prevent pain. However, you will likely feel some pressure during the procedure. After the extraction, once the anesthetic has worn off, you might experience some discomfort or pain. You can expect it to diminish within a few days.

Your Health and Comfort Are Our Top Priority

We understand that many patients have dental anxiety – especially when it comes to something like an extraction. Our team wants to put your mind at ease. Please rest assured that your Tampa dentist and his team will do everything they can to make you feel calm and comfortable during your procedure. From answering all your questions and explaining the procedure to ensuring you’re completely numb and recommending relaxation techniques, our team will make your comfort their top priority.

Do you have questions about an upcoming extraction? Contact our team today! We’re happy to answer your questions and address your concerns.

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