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5 things dentists can tell just by looking in your mouth

Oral health is an important component of your overall health. In fact, the mouth is known as “the window to the body” because it can show signs of nutritional deficiencies, illnesses and other infections.

Here is a list of things that your dentist can tell just by looking in your mouth:

You are pregnant: Pregnancy can lead to oral problems in some women. Hormones can affect your body’s response to plaque resulting in a higher risk of developing gum disease and tooth decay.

You may have an eating disorder: Eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia and can damage your teeth in many ways. Anorexia deprives the body from certain nutrients that are essential for the teeth. Bulimia can cause enamel erosion, causing cavities and even tooth loss.

You have diabetes: People that suffer from diabetes have a higher risk of developing periodontal disease and dry mouth. This can cause inflammation of the gums, painful chewing difficulties and even tooth loss.

You have poor dental hygiene: Dentists can easily see if you have been practicing oral hygiene correctly. People with poor dental hygiene have plaque buildup, cavities and even gum disease.

You used to suck your thumb: Some children suck their thumb for a limited period while others wait longer to stop this habit. Once the permanent teeth come in, this habit may cause problems with mouth growth and alignment of teeth.


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