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Avoid Dental Emergencies this Summer

Besides taking a vacation, one of the best parts about summer is grilling out. Burgers, hot dogs, potato chips, OH MY!

Before you indulge in all those mouthwatering treats, remember to watch your teeth! Don’t start chugging sodas or eating a container of cupcakes. It’s not good.

So, what can you do to make sure you don’t ruin your summer with a dental emergency?

  • Potato chips are the usual snack with hot dogs and hamburgers. However, chips often get stuck in your teeth causing bacteria to build up. Instead of chips, snack on a veggie tray or a fruit platter.
  • Putting cheese on your burger helps strengthen and protect your enamel thanks to the dairy.
  • Instead of using toothpicks, use dental picks. A toothpick is sharp and can pierce your gums causing bacteria to get in.
  • Try to go with seedless buns and fruits to avoid them getting stuck in your teeth.
  • Use crushed ice instead of cubes.
  • Drink water or infused water. Sodas and sports drinks are the absolute worst for your teeth.
  • Instead of breath mints after dinner, serve your guests’ sugarless gum. Not only does it fight acids, but it helps saliva wash away the foods they just ate.


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