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Reasons Why Water Is the Best Thing for Your Teeth

August is National Water Quality Month. This is dedicated to educating and emphasizing the importance of water. Not only for our planet, but for your oral care.

What Can You to Help National Water Quality Month?

  1. First, start with your home. What little change can you do that’ll make a huge impact?
  2. Second, consider changing out your soaps from anti-bacterial to regular soap. However, most anti-bacterial soaps contain pesticides and chemicals that are harmful to the environment.
  3. Third, think before you throw out your old medications. Don’t flush them!
  4. Fourth, reuse rain water if your lawn needs watering. Also, avoid using pesticides and chemical fertilizers.

How Water Is Good for Your Teeth

Are you seeing the glass half-empty or half-full? Drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your teeth.

  • First, it strengthens your teeth. Drinking water with fluoride is one of the best things to prevent cavities.
  • Second, water keeps your mouth clean. Water washes away leftover food and residue. However, keep in mind that you’ll need to brush twice a day for two minutes, but drinking water will go a long way to keeping your teeth clean.
  • Third, water fights dry mouth.
  • Finally, water is calorie-free! Instead of reaching for a soda, drink a nice, cool glass of water. Your oral health and overall health will help you.

What You Can Do to Protect Your Water for National Water Quality Month

  • Pick up after your pets. Animal waste contains harmful chemicals.
  • Use the car wash
  • Use a trash can and not the drain. Do you want to drink toxic chemicals?
  • Don’t use fertilizers/pesticides
  • Clean up your community, beaches, streets!

In conclusion, if you have any questions or concerns, contact Dr. Nick’s office immediately! We would be happy to help educate you on the importance of getting more water into your body!

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