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June is National Fresh Fruit & Vegetable Month

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Not only are fruits and vegetables good for your overall health, but they’re fantastic for dental care. With June being National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month, it’s important to add as much color to your meals as possible. We here at Dr. Nick’s WHITE & healthy have plenty of tips on how you can get started!

Greens & Veggies

First of all, vegetables that are juicy and leafy are some of the best foods for your teeth. The next time you’re at the grocery store, pick up some cabbage and collard greens. Each is loaded with vitamins and minerals that are necessary to help you maintain and improve your oral health.

Did you know that the nutrients found in spinach and lettuce contain high amounts of magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin C, beta carotene and calcium?


Instead of snacking on chips, opt for carrots and celery. Chewing foods that are crunchy and high in fiber makes your mouth work overtime, stimulating your gums. Carrots have beta-carotene in them, which your body needs to create vitamin A.


Citrus fruits have a large amount of vitamin C. Chewing pieces of oranges, watermelons or pears massages your gums, helps clean your teeth and increases salivation.


Apples are fibrous. Eating an apple can help clean your teeth until you brush and floss. Don’t drink apple juice because of the added sugar which causes tooth decay.

How to Observe National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month

First, skip the canned and frozen aisle. Second, visit a pick-your-own-fruit-and-vegetable farm and bring home the fruits of your labor. Third, savor the goodness of the foods!

How to Eat More Fruits & Veggies

  • Add frozen peas or broccoli to rice for a meal
  • Add as many extra veggies to a stew as you want
  • Try to have a meatless meal once a week
  • Put berries on top of yogurt
  • Instead of French fries with your burger, opt for a side salad or veggies

If you need additional tips, contact Dr. Nick’s WHITE & healthy! We would be happy to help you celebrate National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month all year round.

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