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If Your Kids Play Sports, Protect Their Teeth

Does your family watch hockey? If so, they may have seen a player lose a tooth from taking a shot right in the mouth. Ouch!

If your kids play sports or do after school activities, you want to avoid a dental emergency like this at all costs. So, what can you do to protect their teeth?

  • Purchase a mouth guard. You can find inexpensive mouth guards for sale over the counter, most of which are designed for one size fits all. A more expensive option is to have your dentist make a custom mouth guard for your child.
  • Have them wear a helmet with a face guard. Sturdy headwear gives your kids extra protection in sports such as football or hockey.

Even if your kids don’t play sports, still think about these options. Do your kids like to ride their bikes around the neighborhood? Do they rollerblade? Think about the safety precautions you’ll need to take!

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