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Happy Thanksgiving from Dr. Nick’s!

Happy Thanksgiving from Dr. Nick and his team! We hope you have a great day with your friends and loved ones. Before you sit down to Thanksgiving dinner, think about the effects of some of the foods on your teeth. Is turkey good for you? What about the cranberries?

Best Thanksgiving Dishes

  • Turkey doesn’t contain starch or sugar. It’s high in protein, which strengthens teeth and the immune system. Some of the minerals found in turkey such as iron and zinc are important for promoting healthy mucosal tissues that act as a barrier between your gums and bacteria. Turkey also contains Phosphorous, which is essential for bone health because it maximizes the benefits of calcium.
  • Chopped veggies are great for your teeth! Chewing these foods help your mouth produce extra saliva, which gets rid of harmful bacteria in your mouth. So, pass the veggie tray!
  • Pumpkin pie ‘packs calcium and good dose of vitamin C!
  • Sweet potatoes contain vitamin C that helps promote gums and prevent gingivitis. They also contain vitamin B and D, which helps decrease bone and tooth loss and promotes saliva production.
  • Cranberries help protect your teeth by interfering with the bacteria in your mouth that forms plaque.

Worst Thanksgiving Dishes

  • Rolls and stuffing are starchy foods full of sugary carbs, which build up bacteria in the mouth and can lead to cavities.
  • Alcohol can reduce beneficial saliva production and erode tooth enamel (especially straight hard liquor).
  • Desserts like pecan and apple pie, ice cream, brownies, and cookies are full of starch and sugar. You’re just asking to create cavities in your mouth.

Happy Thanksgiving! Now, Schedule an Appointment!

Don’t let the holidays distract you from getting a cleaning. If you’re due for an annual exam, contact Dr. Nick TODAY at 813.445.7162. Get in before the holidays so you can show off your pearly whites to friends and family!

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