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Do I REALLY Have to Floss?

Flossing isn’t just designed to remove food from between your teeth. In fact, floss removes the film of bacteria which can form plaque. If you leave this untreated, it will turn into tartar and later, gum disease.

So, how do you use dental floss correctly?

  • Use about 18 inches or floss.
  • Hold it between your thumb and finger on each hand. You can wrap each end around your index fingers to prevent it from slipping and sliding.
  • Insert the floss between your teeth, but don’t jam it in.
  • If your gums start to bleed, stop flossing and let your dentist know.
  • When done, throw the floss out and don’t reuse it

It’s important to make flossing a part of your daily routine to ensure proper oral care.

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