Dental Hygiene Tips for the Holiday Season

Keeping your teeth healthy over the holidays, when there are tempting delicacies around every corner, may need some work. But it will be well worth the effort! Although it is a hectic season with little time to devote to your health and well-being, a little forethought will get you through the holidays with healthy teeth.

Here are a few recommendations from Dr. Nick's White & Healthy Dentistry in Tampa, FL, to help keep your mouth and teeth healthy throughout the holidays.

Maintain Your Regular Routine

The rush and bustle of the holidays might throw your routine off track. However, you must keep your regular oral health program regardless of what happens. So, clean your teeth at least twice a day, and don't forget to floss once a day.

Keep Some Fruit on Hand

Sugary treats will be around every direction you turn; there is no way to avoid them. While you can indulge on occasion, we recommend keeping a piece of organic fruit on hand at all times.

Drink Enough Water Daily

Water has several advantages, especially during the holidays when you are more active than usual. Water has the unique ability to wipe away newly produced microorganisms with each drink. Water may also be used to refresh your breath, improve digestion, and aid with excretion. Water can also fill you up so you don't overindulge in the unending delicacies.

Concentrate on Mouth-Healthy Treats

Caramel popcorn, candy apples, sugar cookies, eggnog, and other treats with a lot of added sugar merely promote tooth damage. However, there are a variety of alternative sweets that are either excellent for your teeth or cause minimal harm: The list includes nuts, cheeses, gingerbread, and peppermint-flavored foods.

Smoking and Drinking Should Be Avoided

Tobacco usage weakens the immune system and stimulates the formation of bacterial plaque, which causes gum disease. Meanwhile, alcohol lowers saliva production and produces dry mouth. As a result, even if you only do it sometimes, avoid drinking and smoking.

Don't Forget to Go to the Dentist

We recognize that the Christmas season is highly stressful and that it can be difficult to keep a routine once December begins. However, if you are due for teeth cleaning, preventive dental care assessment, or general or preventative dentistry operations, you should not put off your normal dental appointment.

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