Cigarettes and Your Teeth

Cigarette smoking increases the chances of gum disease, tooth loss, bad breath, and oral cancer. Nicotine is bad for your oral health. The best way to prevent or reverse these effects is to quit smoking. If quitting is impossible, there are other ways to save your teeth. Dr. Nick’s White and Healthy Dentistry is here for you.

Nicotine and Your Teeth

Nicotine is the reason behind the discoloration of the teeth over time. It makes the enamel more likely to stain and turn them into a yellowish shade. There are many professional as well as home treatments that can get rid of this and make your teeth brighter and whiter again.

Continuous exposure to nicotine makes your teeth and oral health vulnerable. Your immune system will get weak, making it hard to fight off gum infection as well as harder to heal. Dr. Nick’s White and Healthy Dentistry is here to help and shield you from this malady. A smoker has twice the chance of gum disease than a non-smoker.

Smoking leads to:

Kick the Cigarette Smoking Habit

Quitting smoking will do wonders for your whole body and reduce any risk of serious problems. It also helps restore your oral health. Your dentist may be able to help to reduce or stop cigarette use with medications. Dr. Nick’s White and Healthy Dentistry is here to help you from the cravings of smoking and to make your oral health better.

Dental Hygiene Tips:

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