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3 Reasons to Visit Your Dentist Over Winter Break

School’s not quite out for summer, but it is for winter break!

Along with all the great plans you have for this time off with the family, consider using it to book your annual dental checkup.

Having the exam and cleaning will protect your teeth from the sugary treats on Christmas and New Year’s.

Here are three big reasons why the whole family should visit the dentist over winter break.

  1. Winter break. Did we already mention that? The kids are home! You don’t even have to book that 8 a.m. appointment so they can still sleep in. Let them know that after their dental checkup, they’ll be rewarded for doing such a great job!
  2. Take care of your teeth. Dentists encourage two appointments each year. This gives your dentist the opportunity to make sure your oral health is in perfect shape. Your dentist will also be able to compare your child’s last visit to this one to make sure they’re doing a good job.
  3. Holidays mean more sweets. Candy canes can fracture your teeth and the stickiness is even worse. Don’t let your teeth suffer from all the sugar intake. Make an appointment so that you have a pearly white as snow smile!
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